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Lenin's party idea; the Will of One!Hits: 3453
Bjørn-Olav Kvidal [NemoEtomer]
on 2007-27-04 02:49
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Chavez accepts Lenins view of party dictatorship, the 'will of One':

"Now, the leadership, this is why I insist so much in the need for a party, because we have not had a revolutionary leadership up
to the tasks of the moment we are living in, united, orientated as a result of a strategy, united, as Vladimir Illich Lenin said,
a machinery able to articulate millions of wills into one single will, this is indispensable to carry out a revolution, otherwise
it is lost, like the rivers that overflow, like the Yaracuy that when it reaches the Caribbean loses its riverbed and becomes a



V.I.Lenin supported party dictatorship:

"The irrefutable experience of history has shown that... the dictatorship of individual persons was very often the vehicle, the
channel of the dictatorship of the revolutionary classes". "Large-scale machine industry - which is the material productive source
and foundation of socialism - calls for absolute and strict unity of will... How can strict unity of will be ensured? By thousands
subordinating their will to the will of one." "Unquestioning submission to a single will is absolutely necessary for the success
of labour processes that are based on large-scale machine industry . . . Today the Revolution demands, in the interests of
socialism, that the masses unquestioningly obey the single will of the leaders of the labour process."

(V.I.Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. VII, pages 332-
333, 340-342)

"To our program will we add the following: we must fight the ideological confusion of the elements of the opposition who are not
aware and do not mind to reject all 'militarization of the economy' and not only reject 'the method of appointment', which has
been the dominating up to now, but all appointments. This means in fact a rejection of the leading role of the party in relation
to the masses who have no party."

(V.I.Lenin, januari 21, 1921, Selected Works, Vol
IX, page 57)

L.D.Trotsky supported party dictatorship:

"They have come out with dangerous slogans. They have made a fetish of democratic principles. They have placed the workers right
to elect representatives above the party. As if the party was not entitled to assert its dictatorship even if that dictatorship
temporarily clashed with the passing moods of the workers' democracy!"

(Party Congress, 8-16 March 1921.)

"Is it true that compulsory labour is always unproductive? . . . This is the most wretched and miserable liberal prejudice:
chattel slavery too was productive" . . . "Compulsory slave labour . . . was in its time a progressive phenomenon". "Labour . . .
obligatory for the whole country, compulsory for every worker, is the basis of socialism." "Wages . . . must not be viewed from
the angle of securing the personal existence of the individual worker"... "measure the conscientiousness, and efficiency of the
work of every labourer."

(Third All-Russian Congress of Trade Unions, stenographic report, Moscow 1920, pages 87-97.)

"A competent, hierarchic organized civil administration had its advantages. Russia did not suffer from too big, but too small and
ineffective bureaucracy." "The militarization of the unions and the transport system was in need of an inner ideological

(Sochineniya, XV, s. 422-423)


Karl Marx in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1848:
The working class has no fatherland. Workers in all countries, unite!

Björn-Olav Kvidal,
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